Kendall Byers


Jake Wiersig

Kendall Byers and Jake Wiersig

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Our Story

Jake and Kendall met in 2017 at Texas A&M. Jake had a class after Kendall in the same room, and he asked her a question about her class on the way out, and they've been learning from each other ever since. They officially began dating in December of 2017 after Jake took Kendall to see The Nutcracker with his family. Jake and Kendall continued living in College Station, and were joined by their Australian Shepherd, Hope, in late 2018. Hope, Kendall and Jake shared many outings and fun times in College Station until the next chapter of their relationship happened at the end of 2019, when Jake proposed to Kendall under a starlit night. Career and wedding plans were put on hold during the pandemic of 2020 and into 2021, until they moved to Kyle together in early 2022. After moving in together and establishing themselves in rewarding careers, they began to piece their dream wedding together that had been in progress over the years. A date was set, and they now happily await for the following chapter of being married on July 8th, 2023 in Colorado.